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Friday January 29, 2016

By shastalake27845953, Jan 29 2016 06:54PM

We have passed some great markers this week. We blew past the 2 million acre foot mark and the 100' mark and overcame the year-to-date lake level from last year (13.55' feet higher than last year)!!! Also, the rainfall has surpassed 2015 to date. It won't be too long before we pass the 50% capacity mark.

In comparison to how far the lake has progressed from it's low point on December 8th (52 days) here are some interesting figures. We have increased capacity by 23%. The lake has risen close to 60' in elevation. We have gained 926,886 acre feet of water. The shoreline has increased by 78 miles

Lake Level Report (01/29/2016 at 08:00)

Lake Elevation: 971.07' (95.93' below full pool)

Lake Elevation (2015): 957.52' (109.48' below full pool)

Storage: 2 245,903 af (estimated)

Storage (2015): 2,003,761 af

Outflow: 1,072 cfs

Inflow: 14,400 cfs

Precipitation (24 hr @ dam): 2.19"

Precipitation (Season @ dam): 37.04"

Precipitation (2015 Season @ dam): 33.36"

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