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Good morning Shasta Lake fans! I hope your Monday morning is going well

By shastalake27845953, Jan 25 2016 05:33PM

We are getting a little break in the weather and it looks as if it is going to be clear until Thursday evening. Good opportunity for us to catch our breath! We need it as all of us have been working feverishly on the lake to keep up with the rising waters!

Currently it is 46 degrees, sunny and calm.

Since our last report we have blown past the 2 million acre foot mark! We are also encroaching on the 100' mark extremely fast as we are averaging a 3' to 4' rise in the lake daily!

The first photo was taken January 15 when the lake was at 931.24' (135.76' below full pool). The second picture was this morning at 8:30 and at approximately 963.64' (103.36' below full pool)!

Over a 32' raise in the lake in just 10 days!!!

The good news is that the run off will continue to keep filling the lake until the next system arrives.

With that, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and great start to your week!

Lake Level Report (01/25/2016 at 07:00)

Lake Elevation: 963.54' (103.46' below full pool)

Lake Elevation (2015): 954.78' (112.22' below full pool)

Storage: 2,109,105 af (estimated)

Storage (2015): 1,956,902 af

Outflow: 1,098 cfs

Inflow: 41,371 cfs

Precipitation (24 hr @ dam): 2.19"

Precipitation (Season @ dam): 32.11"

Precipitation (2015 Season @ dam): 33.36"

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